Day 227 – Snorkelling in Moalboal

With the reef right on our doorstep and crystal clear water, snorkelling is one of the key attractions at Moalboal. With rented snorkelling gear (mask and flippers) day rates around 100 pesos, it also made for a cheap activity. Again, no life jackets were available.

We rented our  snorkel gear from a dive shop recommended by our hostel. It just so happened that the dive shop, which was run by a French guy, also offered the best dive rates so we booked ourselves in for a beginners dive for tomorrow which was also John’s birthday.

To get to the reef, we walked out from the steps at the back of the shop which was really shallow and rocky and began walking out. The reef pretty much runs around the coast circling the edge of Moalboal. About 20 metres out, we could begin to see the marine life.  We snorkelled all the way to the other side of Moalboal and stopped off at a little sandy area for a rest before heading back out again.

There were quite a few fish about but they were all quite small. After about an hour or so we headed back and had some lunch at one of the many restaurants overlooking the water.

Our lunchtime view

Our lunchtime view

Crystal clear water at Moalboal

Crystal clear water at Moalboal

After lunch, we headed back out again and snorkelled for another couple of hours. We could see where the divers went down to, which would be us tomorrow! On our way back to shore, we hit a rather large patch of mini jellyfish. With no choice but to swim through them, we both got zapped a fair amount but luckily they’re not that harmful.

In the evening, we went out and had some to a rather nice restaurant at the other end of Moalboal. I ordered some kind of Mexican bean stew/soup whilst John had a nice piece of fresh fish.

My Mexican bean stew

My Mexican bean stew

John's fish dinner

John’s fish dinner

Having spent most of the day snorkelling, we were pretty shattered so headed back to the hostel for a few drinks and had a nice chat with the hostel owners – two philippinos who were quite open and honest. They explained how prostitution is a massive problem in the country and that the majority of women were prostitutes including most of their friends despite most philippino women being quite shy. We found them very interesting.

Having spent only a couple of days here, Moalboal is definitely our favourite place in the Philippine so far. Although very very small, we thought that Moalboal was an absolute gem with a very laid back attitude. With the reef right on your doorstep, and plentiful places to eat and drink, it is definitely worth a stop here, especially if you love snorkelling or diving.

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