Day 218 – Exploring Singapore city in one day

We had planned two days in Singapore, our first day we just wanted to explore and have a walk around. So we did just that and probably notched up a few good miles walking.

With our hostel being in Chinatown we headed there first to walk around the market, the first one in Asia and the first of many market visits I’m sure. It didn’t take us long to find the food stalls and with prices around the $3 / 4 Singapore dollar mark ($2 Singapore dollars to the pound), it could be a great place for a budget meal. Chinatown was already starting the build up to Chinese New Year which is in a few weeks time. Being the year of the dragon it was going to be a big one!

We then walked into the city up to the famous Raffles Hotel, the cricket / football pitches, war memorial and Little India. We then headed back to Chinatown for some rice with chicken and duck in the market!

A little rest and then we headed up to the posh shops on Orchard Road by jumping on the underground. Everything was really expensive, the only thing we could afford was a snack from a bakery. We saw a pint of beer in a bar on sale for $18! So we knew where we would be eating that night, Chinatown!

We headed back in the evening to the hostel and then only had to walk around the block to one of the night food markets for another cheap eat, this time some noodles and meat.

A long day, a lot of walking and a lot of photos hence the gallery below. Pick of the bunch? A picture of a dog with sunglasses chilling out next to a cool box. Looks like he’s going on a day trip!

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