Day 213 – A quick day trip to Manly

With Alan having no work we decided on a day trip to Manly. Located north-east of Sydney, we had to get the train into Sydney and then jump on the ferry to Manly. It was a picturesque ferry trip going under the Sydney Harbour Bridge and past the Opera house.

View from the ferry of Syndey City Centre

View from the ferry of Sydney City Centre

It was a sunny day but pretty windy down on the coast. Manly is a hot surfing spot but with the wind and the larger than average waves, people were only allowed to swim in a small 30 metre section.

Patrolled by a jet ski the swimmers were kept in a box while the coast guard barked warnings to the swimmers. Very strange indeed but I think a common site in Australia.

Further up the beach we were able to watch some surfers, including some people having surf lessons. We walked from one end of the beach to the other admiring the sea view houses and flats.

By the time we got back up to the main beach the place was packed with people catching the last of the sun.

Not the best picture of us on Manly Beach

Not the best picture of us on Manly Beach

In the evening we headed back to Andrew’s which would be our last night in Ettalong. We cooked that evening as a way to say thanks to Andrew and Alan for letting us stay and feeding us.

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