Day 21 – Enjoying the view at Lake Titicaca

As planned, we managed to catch a local bus to Copacabana to visit the highest lake in the world, Lake Titicaca. The bus journey took around 3 hours. About 2 hours in we were told to get off the bus and directed to a ticket booth. Turns out we had to cross a river. The bus drove on to a wooden boat/raft whilst we all had to buy a ticket for a passenger boat. We crossed quickly but the bus was held up in a queue and I guess the raft/boat travels slower than the passenger boat.

We arrived in Copacabana late afternoon and we had no trouble in finding a hostel. We had a cute little room with a little TV. It was clean and comfortable enough. After checking in we walked around for a little bit. The place is tiny so it didn’t take long. We did a few boring tasks like put our laundry in and researching where to get the boat from to get to Isla del Sol. There was also a book exchange shop and I managed to find a chick lit, One Day. After, we sat on the beach front admiring Lake Titicaca before I started reading my new book. The lake is very still and the view would be amazing if it hadn’t been for the millions of tourist boats dotted in the landscape!

A very touristy beach front

Even though the sun was dazzling down it was not hot enough to sunbathe! There are a few bars on the beach front along with a number of food stalls all selling the same thing – trout, freshly caught from Lake Titicaca.


Food stalls all lined up on the beach front

We decided to eat at one of these stalls in the evening but which one do we go to? As we walked along ladies came running out of their stalls waving their menus in our faces and saying that they have trucha (trout). In the end, we went to an empty stall and ordered a trout each. I was intrigued by the trucha a la diablo (devil trout) so I ordered that one. When it arrived, they had given me one whole trout with rice and salad. John also ordered trout. The fish was delicious and so fresh. Mine was meant to be spicy but it was mostly coated in a tomato sauce. As we ate our meal, we watched the sun set over the lake – beautiful!


 Trucha a la diablo


Sunset over Lake Titicaca

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