Day 200 – Home comforts in Brisbane

We managed to get to Brisbane in good time and as arranged with my friend James, who we would be staying with over Christmas, we would drive to his flat, drop off our luggage and then return the campervan. Because James and his girlfriend Cathy would be at work, James would leave a key under a plant pot in his back yard for us so we could let ourselves in.

Having reminded Jim last night, the key was no where to be found when we arrived. It was lucky that Jim had let us borrow a spare phone as we finally got through to Jim at work and he admitted he had completely forgotten to leave the key!

Right, Plan B. We would go and meet Cathy who worked in the city and she would run down from her office and give us her key. It’s a good job we got to Brisbane earlier to sort all this out before the deadline for the return of the campervan! We managed to get the key off Cathy and head back to their flat in Clayfield to drop off all our belongings before John returned the campervan whilst I was left to sort all our stuff out in the flat before the hosts came back from work.

James and Cathy had set up their back room for us which had its own en-suite. In the bathroom, they had left new bottles of shampoo, face wash, shower gel and laid out towels on our bed. It was like staying at a hotel!

In the evening, as a little thank you for letting us stay, me and John cooked dinner for us all – chicken fajitas! We spent the rest of the night just catching up and chilling out as both Jim and Cathy had work again tomorrow.

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