Day 20 – Still taking it easy

John is still not 100% but he’s getting better. Right next to the monastery we stumbled across a World Photography exhibition put together by the Associated Press (I think). It displayed photos from all around the world telling stories of the world news in one year. It was probably one of the best exhibitions I’ve been to. The photographs were very moving and I loved the stories behind each image.

We also made a decision to go to Copacabana tomorrow. John said that he thought he would be well enough to move on. Copacabana is a three hour bus journey from La Paz and is near the border of Peru. Originally, we had planned to cross the Peru-Bolivia border by land and visit Copacabana before reaching La Paz but that didn’t happen so we’ve had to back track a little.

In the evening we found a lovely little street full of market stalls. They were selling big fat juicy meaty sausages with rice and salad for £1!!! Oh and two pieces of potato, I keep forgetting all meals are served with two carbs! It was so tasty! Greasy, but tasty! Whilst we ate at the stall, there was a drunk man on the other table who kept telling us to eat the sausage with the chilli sauce.


This meal cost just £1! Bargain!


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