Day 199 – Dining in a truckers cafe

We did a lot more driving today but we woke up fairly tired as it was so hot and sticky last night. It took us a while to drop off. With temperatures still hovering around 35-40 celsius, we weren’t surprised to find that our tuna pasta which was meant to last us for the two days on the road had gone off from the heat even though it was in a cool box. On the up side, we got a Subway for lunch!

We had hoped to find some fish and chips for dinner but the one chippie we did find had conveniently ran out of fish. It was about 8pm at night and we were starving and couldn’t be bothered to continue to drive to find another chippie so our other option was a truckers cafe over the road.

We went in and it was fairly quiet with around 6 truckers in there eating their dinner. We ordered a pie and chips. It was pretty basic stuff with some greasy chips and a microwaved pukka pie but I wasn’t expecting much. More importantly, it filled us up.

When we finished, we couldn’t be bothered to drive anymore so we parked on the lay by along with all the other trucks and camped up for another hot and humid night in the sweatbox.

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