Day 193 – Dropping off the relocation campervan in Cairns

Having stayed not too far from Cairns last night, we were able to get to Cairns earlier than expected and dropped our belongings off at Tropic Days Hostel before driving to the Britz office to return the campervan. The Britz office was located on the outskirts of Cairns which meant that we had to get a bus back into town after dropping the van off.

The Britz office looked sterile and had great air conditioning! We enquired into any opportunities to take a relocation campervan down to Brisbane but we had no luck.

Cairns town was just a short bus journey away. The town is pretty small; it didn’t take us long to get our bearings. Feeling a bit peckish, we decided to have lunch at Red Rooster, a fast food chain which we’ve seen everywhere! It’s pretty much like a Nando’s but I reckon Nando’s is one up on Red Rooster.

Although we’re not staying too far out of town, Tropic Days Hostel offers a free bus service to and from the hostel into town, from 7.30am to 9.30pm. We caught the free bus back to the hostel and chilled out for the rest of the day by the pool.

Tropic Days Hostel also offers free meal vouchers at Woolshed restaurant and bar every night of the week except for Mondays and Thursdays. We decided to make use of this and headed into town in the evening. The free meals were quite limited but you could pay a few extra dollars to upgrade your meal. It was okay for a free meal and perks like these definitely help to save the pennies!


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