Day 192 – Raining bugs and relaxing by Townsville’s artificial lagoon

We parked up last night at Sarina beach and we noticed (it was hard not to) that the temperatures at night didn’t drop much. Even with the windows open in the campervan and the gauze shut to stop the bugs coming in, it was unbelievably hot. It wasn’t nice knowing that we had a few more nights to come in the campervan and it would only get hotter the further north to Cairns.

After the sticky night in the campervan John went for a walk along the beach at 7:30 in the morning while it was relatively cool. We ate some breakfast and had a shower, the first in a couple of days. We used the shower just off the beach, a cold shower but with the heat a welcome refreshment.

After the shower we had a little time to inspect and clean the van, the night before when we were driving late in the evening we hit loads of bugs, it made it almost impossible to see at times. It was crazy, it was like it was raining with the amount of splats on the windscreen. The front of the camper showed a fine selection of roadkill.

Poor bugs

Poor bugs

This rather large fells managed to get stuck in between the gauze and the window....good job it didn't get into the van. I would have freaked out!

This rather large fells managed to get stuck in between the gauze and the window….good job it didn’t get into the van. I would have freaked out!

After breakfast, we were quickly back in the sweatbox moving further north. Our aim was to get to Townsville where we stopped off and relaxed by their artificial lagoon. Townsville has a very tourist/holidaymaker type feel with the beach, palm trees and sunshine, a similar feel to a standard holiday to Spain for a slight comparison. We arrived late afternoon and managed to park up on the beach front and grabbed our towel before heading over to the lagoon.

We both had a quick swim and sunbathed for a bit which was quite nice. With all this driving and barely staying anywhere for more than a couple of hours, it hasn’t been what I imagined Australia to be like. But now we’re relaxing by a lagoon, this feels much more like the Australia that I was expecting!

Townsville's artificial lagoon

Townsville’s artificial lagoon

The beach at Townsville

The beach at Townsville

Sunbathing by the lagoon

Sunbathing by the lagoon

We only stayed by the lagoon for a couple of hours as we got there quite late in the day. We ate in our campervan on the beachfront which was quite nice. We failed to see where we could park for free around Townsville. They were quite strict there which pushed us to into the decision to continue up north as far as we could before we got too tired. It’s our last night in the camper so if we can get as far north as possible, it would mean that we could get to Cairns much quicker tomorrow.

In the end, we continued driving for another couple of hours before finding a side street to stop for the night.

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