Day 189 – A friendly face in Brisbane

With such few days to get up to Cairns, we’ve got another long day of driving. But to break it up we stopped off in Byron Bay. We walked around the surfer town for a bit but the weather was a bit crap and rainy so we didn’t stay long. However, we did manage to use a payphone and book a day trip to Fraser Island for tomorrow. This means that we definitely need to drive past Brisbane and spend the night near the pick up point of Rainbow Beach tonight.

With the weather worse than expected, we decided to leave Byron Bay earlier than planned and head towards Brisbane where we were planning on stopping off at my friend James’ house. I know James from college and I lived with him for a year in Manchester. He moved out to Brisbane earlier in the year where his girlfriend Cathy is from. So as we were driving through Brisbane, we had arranged to stop in tonight to say hello and use their shower. James and Cathy also planned to cook us dinner. Bonus!

Because we left Byron Bay earlier, we got to Clayfield in Brisbane where James lives with his girlfriend earlier than expected, around half 4 in the afternoon. After a quick catch up, me and John both got a shower. They even gave us nice fluffy towels to use, what luxury compared with our little travel towels! For dinner, they made stuffed chicken breast with potatoes and veg. It was so nice to have someone cook for us!

With plans to stay at Rainbow Beach tonight, we started making tracks around 7pm. We’ll be staying with them over Christmas on our way back down the east coast so it was only a quick stop off for now and we’ll have a proper catch up in a couple of weeks.

We managed to get to Rainbow Beach around 10pm that night. We stayed by the beach side where several other campervans also had the same idea. The weather is definitely getting warmer as we move up north and it’s starting to get a little sweaty in the campervan! With an early start tomorrow, we tried to get some shut eye early.


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