Day 188 – Picking up a relocation Britz campervan from Sydney to Cairns

It’s been a great few days with Alan but it’s time to make tracks up the east coast. John got up early and made his way to the Britz office where he picked up our second relocation camper in Australia.

Whilst John was picking up the camper, me and Al headed over to Freddie’s Fishing World after seeing the store advertised on TV – great marketing eh?! John’s keen to make some time on our trip to fish so we caught the bus to the store and bought a variety of lures.

By the time we had got back, John was almost back at Al’s with our home for the next few nights – a 3 berth HiTop campervan. We’ve got to take this camper up to Cairns in 6 days. That’s around 2,500 km which means that every day we need to drive 416 km, around 6 hours of driving a day…it’s not going to leave much time for sightseeing but we’re quite use to doing long driving days so I think we’ll try and squeeze a few touristy things on the way.

Our home for the next few nights

Our home for the next few nights

After saying goodbye to Al, we started our journey to Cairns. It was a bit of a hardcore driving day with 8 hours on the clock!

In the evening, we ate the leftover chilli from last night with plenty more of it left for the coming days!

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