Day 174 – Fiji to Melbourne

Our final day in Fiji and there’s nothing else I’d like to do than to sunbathe but I think the weather has other ideas. We managed to catch a few rays in the morning but by midday a big dark cloud had arrived and it was raining for most of the day. With our flight this evening, we had a fair few hours to kill.

After grabbing some lunch next door, we played a few card games with a couple of girls on our Feejee Experience tour and then read for the rest of the afternoon before heading to the airport.

The flight to Melbourne was at 8.20pm and we were due to arrive at 12.40am. Taking this into account as well as the stories we’ve heard from other travellers about the strict Australian customs, we figured we probably wouldn’t be out of the airport until around 1.30am at the very earlier.

Because of our late arrival, the plan was to sleep at the airport for a few hours before heading over to our booked hostel early in the morning. Australia will probably be the most expensive country we visit on our RTW trip and with hostel prices averaging around £17-20 a night in a dorm, we really need to keep an eye on our budget.

The flight from Nadi to Melbournedeparted on-time and smoothly, a bit too smoothly as we arrived more than an hour earlier than expected! In two minds as to what to do, we called up our hostel which we had booked for the following night to see if they had any beds for the night. No was the answer. By the time we had finished discussing what we wanted to do that night, it was almost midnight and we decided to just stay at the airport. That, at least, would save us around £40 for the night.

We headed upstairs and found a closed cafe with stools outside. A few people had the same idea as us and were already set up for the night. We had three stools each and pushed them together to make a bed and rested our heads. Considering there was an announcement every 20 minutes and bright lights, I actually managed to get some sleep though it was very disrupted.

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