Day 167 – Snorkelling with sharks Fiji style

So, from John not liking fish and sharks and me not being able to swim properly we somehow decided to book onto a snorkelling with sharks tour.

We had been scuba diving last week, and since then we’ve been out snorkelling a little but still holding onto each other. For a small  fee we could go out on a little boat to a reef in the middle of the sea and snorkel with reef sharks. Some other resorts on neighbouring islands would also be meeting up at the same point.

We booked on along with the Swedish couple, Joel and Maria. We were on the boat for about 30 minutes, it was pretty cold and wet. However we were entertained when one of the guys from the island jumped off the boat with a spear gun and came out a couple of minutes later with some small fish. The fish were for the sharks.

Shark food and the Swed's legs, guess which one belong to Joel

Shark food 

We then dropped off one of the workers at the lodge in the middle of the sea. Apparently, he was going to be catching our dinner tonight. We left him there and they headed over to the reef.

We were the first to the reef and dropped anchor. As we got ready another 3 boats turned up with some of the backpackers we had been with on the previous island. It was a strange place to all reunite.

With the reef being pretty far out, the sea was quiet choppy. John jumped in and helped me into the water, however after a while it was apparent the mask didn’t fit well and the choppy water kept on going down the snorkel into my mouth.

We did get to see the sharks, whitetip reef sharks, some rather big about 1 and half metres. They were swimming about 5-10 metres below us however the our guide had got to know them really well.

He dived down with the fish he had caught and fed the sharks. Our guide then dived down again and grabbed one of the sharks and brought it up to the surface. Once at the surface you could go and pet the shark. It was right next to us!! Crazy! At this point, John, being the sensible one advised it was best to not pet the shark.

After struggling with my mask for pretty much the whole time, I headed back on to the boat as I had had enough of drinking too much sea water. John helped me back up which allowed me to take this great photo of him.

Shark attack, no just a poor wave to the camera

Shark attack, no just a poor wave to the camera

Overall for the price not bad, good fun and some good confidence in the water. John did get a nice picture of me in my fetching child’s lifejacket.

All ok after the sharks

All ok after the sharks

On the way back to the island we stopped off again to pick up the worker we had left in the sea. He caught two big fish, some short of butterfly fish. Yummy!

The evening meal

The evening meal

We headed back and in the afternoon sunbathed, read and relaxed after the eventful morning. We waited for new guests, but there was none. It was just the four of us again.

We ate the fish in the evening which was really nice, it was tough and tasted a little like chicken. It was an early night again, but this time a little more eventful. With the lights off we had our head torches on. John noticed a reflection on the wall from his light, it was loads of little reflecting dots – it was a huge spider!

John isn’t the greatest with spiders and this one was humungus. We headed to the main building to ask if someone could get rid of it. They sent three kids, with a broom. The kids aged about around 5 and 6 whacked it with the broom, nothing, so he smashed it with the palm of his hands. No fear! We gave them each a little pat on the back!

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