Day 164 – Scuba diving in the Blue Lagoon

Yesterday, I spent the best part of the afternoon chatting to an English girl and a German boy who had spent that morning doing an introductory dive at the Blue Lagoon. The Blue Lagoon is on the northern side of Nacula island so just a short boat ride away. They both said that it was the most amazing experience and I told them about my fear of water but she said that she wasn’t too keen on the idea at first but not to worry as the instructor is brilliant. The experience sounded amazing.

We woke to rain in the morning but it looked like it would be an okay afternoon. So putting my fears to one side, I decided to book to go on an introductory scuba diving course! John, on the other hand, was not so keen. He’s an okay swimmer and good in deep water but he’s got a slight fear about being in the sea surrounded by unknown creatures. It was a bit of an effort to get him to go snorkelling yesterday so going diving would definitely be pushing it. Instead, John said that he would come along only to take photos of me during the training part and he also gets to see the Blue Lagoon where the famous Brooke Shields movie was filmed. He just had to pay for the boat taxi to get himself there.

Because I’m not a PADI qualified diver, my only option is to go on the introductory diving course. The plan was to go on the hour long taster course which allowed you to try scuba diving up to a depth of around 10 metres.

The boat taxi arrived on time and we headed over to another resort where the diving instructor was based. There was one other person also signed up for the same course. After filling out some forms and reading some basic diving information, I signed my life away and got all equipped. The instructor, Nico, meanwhile, was trying to convince John to also take the course. John was quite adamant in saying no until Nico offered John to do the training bit for free and if enjoyed it and wanted to do the dive, then he would pay for the course. This was enough to tempt him, so he also signed his life away and got all his equipment.

Testing my scuba diving equipment

Testing my scuba diving equipment

Our oxygen tanks are surprisingly very very heavy! Once we had all our equipment, we got into the boat again and headed over to the Blue Lagoon which was another short ride away. The beach was beautiful with smooth white sand and clear turquoise blue water. It’s probably the most beautiful beach I’ve ever been to and with no-one else around, we had the entire beach to ourselves. We didn’t take any photos as we left our camera at the diving resort because John was now partaking in the diving. It was a bit of a shame but guess we’ve still got the memories and other people’s pictures!

We started off by getting all our equipment on; you can’t really feel the weight of the oxygen tank in the water. We learnt how to breathe through our oxygen tank and had to swim a few lengths to show Nico we could swim. The water was so nice and warm. Then we learnt some of the basics of using the oxygen mask and tank. We learnt how to clear our mask if it got all steamed up, how to clear our mouthpiece if it got water in and how to share oxygen tanks if we needed to. We also learnt how to communicate with each other. I had a bit of trouble at first but soon got the hang of it. John, on the other hand, was LOVING IT! He got out of the water after the first bit of training and turned around and was like “Bollocks, I really like this”.

So, now for the dive! I stayed close to Nico and held on to his arm the whole time. We started from the beach as the coral was very close by. We saw plenty of fish including Nemo, the clown fish. Nico had brought some bread with him and gave all of us a few handfuls to feed the fish. They surrounded us! It was fantastic. The water was also surprisingly very warm. We only wore our swim wear and our oxygen tank jacket and that was enough.

We were diving for around 40 minutes and got to a depth of around 11 metres deep. Wow, I couldn’t believe it. It went so fast! I thought that maybe we were diving for around 20 minutes or so. John had an amazing time and looked confident in the water.

For our first time diving, I think it went very well. I’m so proud of John and he can’t wait to go diving again!

On the way back to the diving resort, Nico decided to show off a little and wakeboard all the way back.


Back at the resort, we received our diving certificate and rested a while before we got the boat back to Nabua Lodge. We returned early evening just in time to watch the sunset. We walked up a little hill and found everyone else there waiting for the sunset. It was a really atmosphere up there and then we rushed down for dinner before more party games in the evening.

At the top of the hill waiting for the sunset

At the top of the hill waiting for the sunset

Another sunset in Fiji

Another sunset in Fiji

It was a really nice end to the day! Fiji is amazing!

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