Day 162 – Booking onto the Yasawa Flyer and Feejee Experience

It’s hot, very hot and sunny too! Prior to coming to Fiji, our only plans were to go island hopping for 7 days which leaves around 4 days free before our flight to Australia. That was it. We didn’t know which islands we wanted to go to, we had just blocked out 7 days of our trip in Fiji for it. We needed help to book the hotels as we heard that the people won’t let you off the boat unless you’ve got accommodation on the island. So we used the booking agent at Mamas Tropic of Capricorn Resort where we were staying.

We decided to go island hopping along the Yasawa islands, a string of small islands west of the main island we landed on. We had already booked our 7-day boat ticket via Hostelworld so all we really needed to do was to pick the islands and resorts to stay at. The guy at the travel desk was very friendly and helpful and managed to sort everything out for us.

As well as the island hopping, we also booked onto the Feejee Experience, an organised tour around the main island, this time for three nights.  This would fit nicely in our schedule but it was all a bit pricier than we had originally budgeted for. Overall, it would work out at the most expensive two weeks of our whole year away.

After we sorted out the booking we decided to head to the shops to get supplies for the island including water. It was recommended to us to take as much water and snacks as possible as prices on the islands were much more expensive. I guess that makes sense.

We walked up to the main road where there was a supermarket to buy supplies, water, snacks, etc. There were some very expensive items due to the cost of imports.

We headed back to the hostel and headed next door to Smugglers Cove Backpackers which was another backpackers place with a restaurant. We had a really nice pizza with some drinks in the sun.

Pizza in the sun

Pizza in the sun

We relaxed in the afternoon, had a little swim in the pool and packed our bags ready for the boat tomorrow! Mama was kind enough to let us leave some of our items in her storage room for the week to lighten our load.

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