Day 161 – Bula Fiji!

It’s our last day in New Zealand; in the afternoon we were to fly out to Nadi in Fiji for the next part of our RTW adventure.

We had bacon sandwiches for breakfast, packed our backpacks and Mike took us to the airport in Auckland. At the airport as a parting gift Mike bought coffee and cake as a last snack before the meal. We had been really well looked after at Mike’s and Lynda’s and would miss the home comforts! But it’s now holiday time and I’m pretty sure it’s just going to be hot hot hot for the rest of our trip now!

The three hour flight with Air Pacific was entertaining. It was a small plane, similar to the budget European airlines for short haul flights but slightly crapper. All the air hostesses had traditional colourful Fijian clothes on matching their big bright smiles and cheerful Bulas. There were no TVs on the plane, just a big screen. It was just a short flight so we didn’t mind.

We arrived in Nadi at 5:30pm where John had his apples and chicken sandwiches confiscated. We were actually given a meal on the place so we were too full to eat the packed lunch Lynda had given us. John was a bit gutted about that. We had prebooked beds at Mamas Tropic of Capricorn Resort which was about a 15 minute ride from the airport. The hostel had arranged to pick us up but there didn’t appear to be anyone waiting for us. So we went to the helpdesk who called them for us and they were to send someone now to pick us up.

Sat outside waiting for our ride, we were hounded slightly by people trying to sell us island hopping tickets and accommodation but they weren’t hard sell type people so it didn’t bother us too much. Everyone is so relaxed. It was coming up to the evening, and the temperature was pretty perfect. Very warm!

We had a great first impression in Fiji with everyone being really friendly. It helps that the word for hello is “Bula” which had been shouted at us by everyone we had met including Mama who owned the resort. She’s an 80 year old woman full of life and insists that we call her Mama. She’s great and really just wants you to have a great time.

We checked into the dorm and luckily no-one else was in our room. Bonus! After dropping all our bags, we went to explore the area a little. The resort backs on to a beach and along the beach are several other resorts which you canf reely walk in and out of. We went next door and had some food. I wasn’t too hungry so I just had a chicken and sweetcorn soup whilst John had fish and chips.

In the evening we read and updated the diary which provided notes for these blog posts! We were pretty tired after the flight!

The first of many sunsets in Fiji!

The first of many sunsets in Fiji!

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