Day 154 – Walking along the harbour in Auckland

After the gig last night we decided to spend the day exploring Auckland. It was a bit of a rushed effort last time so we decided to stay one more night here. We walked around the harbour area in Auckland. It was a really nice day and we were able to admire all the huge yachts, some 6-7 stories high and worth millions.

After a little coffee break, we went to the fish market; for some reason we love looking at all the different fish despite the smell. And to top it off nicely, we bought some fish and chips for lunch. We spent the rest of the afternoon browsing some shops and swapped some of our books ready for Fiji.

In the evening, we had a curry (and a pretty bad one at that) as part of a cinema and curry deal and went to see The Inbetweeners Movie. Being big fans of the English TV series, we were very excited to see the film! Not surprisingly, the film wasn’t packed and there were a fair few English backpackers in there. It had a few British jokes so in parts only the British were laughing. We’re about 5 months into our RTW trip and watching films like this really just reminds us of home. It was great and really lifted our mood!

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