Day 151 – A day of rest after dropping off the campervan

One last road trip in the Wendekreisen Campervan. Well I should really say John’s last road trip as he took it back to the depot at the Airport in Auckland on his own whilst I stayed in the nice comfy bed at Lynda’s. John set off early and had no problems dropping the camper off, the bus back from the airport to Hamilton included a local bus to Westfield Manukau City shopping center, on the main highway to Auckland.

We picked John up from the bus stop near to Lynda’s house and headed back for an easy day after all the driving in the past week.

A few admin jobs in the evening; we started to back up the photos from our time on the road and research about the problems with the camera. Some black spots have started appearing on our photos after John dropped it 🙁

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