Day 150 – Rain stops play in Rotorua

Our last day on the road in the camper and John was due to go whitewater rafting. We woke to some unbelievable rain and had breakfast while looking out onto the bleak weather. We had to leave the Top 10 and park up round the corner as we had to check out before John got back from rafting. John headed back to the top 10 to get picked up for the whitewater rafting.

However after walking back to the Top 10 he was greeted by the rafting man who explained that the river had flooded making the river slightly dangerous. So two days in a row, we’ve been disappointed by the weather.

With it bucketing it down and no rafting, we decided to leave Rotorua and head back to Hamilton slightly earlier than planned where we were due to stay for a night at John’s Aunty’s before John returned the campervan to the depot at Auckland Airport tomorrow.

On the way back we stopped off at the Cheesecake shop in Hamilton which had been recommended by my friend Dan who studied in Hamilton while doing his pilot training.  We weren’t disappointed.

mmmm Cheesecake from the Cheesecake Shop in Hamilton

mmmm Cheesecake from the Cheesecake Shop in Hamilton

Without a phone it was hard to get in contact with Lynda to explain we would be back early. So when we got back to the house there was nobody in apart from Ruby the dog to welcome us.

We made cheese on toast in the campervan and sat on our camping chairs outside of the house using the wifi. Lynda got back later and we had a well deserved shower, unpacked and had a nice comfy bed to sleep in! It’s so nice to be back in a home again though life on the road is also very good!

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