Day 149 – Making our way back up north

After being told last night that the weather today was forecast to be wet and foggy so we couldn’t do the Tongariro Crossing walk, we annoyingly woke up to sunshine this morning.

With an extra free day now, we headed as far north as we could. It turned out to be a really clear day and on our way up north we drove past the famous Mount Doom. We past through Taupo and then went on to Rotorua. With no other solid plans on what we wanted to do, we decided to check out the zorbing here. On arrival, we saw the zorbing and we weren’t that impressed. So we sacked that off and went to the i-site to see if we could book John on a white water rafting trip for tomorrow. We were in luck; there was a trip going tomorrow morning so John booked himself in.

Having slept on the streets (in the campervan of course) for the past couple of nights, we checked ourselves in to a Top 10 campsite and finally had a shower. It felt so good! In the evening, it started to rain heavily and we cosied up in our camper eating the rest of the crayfish and perch from our fishing trip in Kaikoura the other day.

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