Day 148 – A delayed ferry and bad weather

Not only are relocation campers great for saving accommodation and occasionally petrol money, if you are relocating a vehicle from one island to another, the camper company usually pays for the ferry ticket too – that’s the vehicle and one passenger which can save you around NZ$190 (£90).

Having pre-booked our ferry ticket with the campervan company, we boarded the ferry nice and early. We had only to pay for the extra passenger ticket. The ferry departed on time but as the journey went on, the weather made a bit of a turn and caused an hour delay. In total, the journey took around 4 hours instead of 3. We had hoped to catch the end of the weekend in Wellington to pick up a few fresh ingredients but the delay meant that it was over by the time we arrived in Wellington.

Hoping to do the Tongariro Crossing walk tomorrow, we decided to head to a town near the start point. With a fairly long drive, to the nearby town the weather was getting worse and worse with torrential rain most of the way. Around 8pm that evening, we called from a payphone to see if the walk could take place. Having tried once before on the way down, we were disappointed again as the bad weather meant that no transport was running to the crossing….again.

Mt doom from Lord of the rings, something we planned to scale on the Tongariro Crossing

Mt doom from Lord of the rings, something we planned to scale on the Tongariro Crossing

Very disappointed, we found a side road and parked up for free for the night.

To add to the disappointment the camera started to have problems, while taking a photo the other night John dropped the camera which bounced some dust in the lens. Hence the spots on the photo above!

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