Day 14 – the most interesting day of the Inca Trail

More walking today as expected but on slightly different terrain. Today was the longest day in terms of distance and time. However, today was also the most interesting as there were a few stop offs at a number of Incan ruins. At lunch we stopped on the top of the mountain. We actually had quite a long break and managed to lie down for a bit. John saw a group of boys playing kick-ups and him and Freddy went to join in. Not a bad lunch break and we had a great view!


John, Freddy and Bruno playing kick-ups


Lunch, again, was another big feast

After lunch, it started to drizzle a little but it was nothing disastrous. We continued walking and stopped off at a few more sites before we arrived at camp in the evening. From the camp, we walked to another Incan site. It was massive with a lot of terraces! After another educational discussion with Freddy about the site, we headed back to camp and were told that we wouldnt have happy hour (popcorn and tea and a few other snacks about an hour before dinner) as we had happy hour yesterday but then we didn’t eat much of our dinner.

Tonight’s dinner was amazing. We had Pizza amongst other dishes and at the end the chef had made a cake! A cake! In the middle of the mountains with only one gas burner! Some skill!


The cake the chef made for us…pure talent

After dinner, we said our thanks to all the porters and chefs and gave them a tip to share amongst themselves.


Group photo!

Another early night and our final night on the trail. Tomorrow its MACHU PICCHU! But with about a 3.30am start…

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