Day 133 – Walking on Fox Glacier

Having booked the glacier walk yesterday, we were up early and headed towards the tour company where we met our group and received our equipment. We were each given some waterproof trousers, jacket and boots. Because the group was so big, we had to split into a two teams. We had 10 members in our team, a mix of backpackers and holidaymakers including a group from Hong Kong and a girl which spoke Hakka, my family dialect. We were led by a female guide from San Martin de los Andes in Argentina. We had a quick chat with her about her hometown and mentioned that we had spent some time there. She would be returning back home in a couple of days and we would be one of the last groups that she takes up to the glaciers.

It took a while to get to the actual glacier. Similar to the walk we made yesterday to the face of Franz Josef glacier, we had to walk across some rocky ground before we reached Fox glacier. When we finally reached the glacier, we were given a pair of crampons each. I’ve never worn crampons before and I had thought that they may be difficult to walk with but it all felt quite normal which for some reason surprised me.

Our guide slowly took us up the glacier pointing out crevices and little caves. She gave a very informative tour and all in all we spent about three and a half hours on the glacier. We had a quick stop at lunch where we ate out own packed lunches and after our guide took us to a few popular photo spots and some small holes where we could climb through. She also lent us her alpine stick for us to pose with.

All snug in a hole

All snug in a hole



After returning from the glacier, we dropped off our equipment and were given a certificate to prove that we had completed a walk on the glacier. We checked into a nearby Top 10 campsite and had a nice hot shower before cooking some spaghetti bolognaise for dinner and having some drinks whilst watching the Wales vs France rugby match. The French won.

It’s been a really nice day.

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