Day 127 – Wellington’s Harbourside Market and crossing to the south island

After a quick food shop to re-stock, we drove back into Wellington city and headed to the waterfront where local food producers had set up stalls to sell their produce. Held every weekend, the Harbourside Market is Wellington’s oldest market and offers  fresh produce including fruit and veg at cheap prices.

Wellington's Harbourside Market

Wellington’s Harbourside Market

Locals who know the score seemed to turn up with empty trolley bags to fill with fresh goods. If only we had known and maybe we wouldn’t have done a big food shop earlier this morning! We managed to pick up some cheap fruit though.

In addition to cheap fruit and veg, there were also hot food stalls. We came across a little chinese stall selling one of our favourite chinese snacks – char sui bau (roast pork buns). We couldn’t resist and we bought one each to keep us going till lunch time.

Then we had to get a move on as we had a ferry to catch to take us over to the south island. We drove to the port and waited in a queue for a while before boarding the boat. We had pre-booked our ticket with Jucy as we got a special rate a few days earlier but they still weren’t cheap! The vehicle cost NZ$135 as well as NZ$55 each for me and John. A total price of NZ$245 for the three hour journey.


When we boarded the ferry, we got out of the vehicle and headed upstairs where we found some seats with a table and played Yaniv and read our books. The time went really quick and before we knew it, we had arrived in Picton on the south island.

Enjoying some sea breeze

Enjoying some sea breeze

We decided to carry on driving as there wasn’t much in Picton apart from the Ferry port. We ended up driving to a DOC site called Robin Hoods Bay which was next to a pebble beach. Then we made egg fried rice out the back of the camper and watched a DVD.


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