Day 126 – Quarter Final Weekend in Wellington

It was Rugby World Cup Quarter final weekend in Wellington, two games were being held in the city at the Cake Tin Stadium, the first Wales Vs Ireland and then Australia and South Africa the next day. With accommodation at a premium we had to stay out of the city in Upper Hutt just out of the city. We drove there in the morning, and parked up. It was already filling up at 10 in the morning. We then headed to get the train into Wellington and planned to stay in the city for the day soaking up the atmosphere.

We first headed up to the Museum of Wellington City & Sea to check out the history of the windy city, the protests of nuclear testing by France and also the Wahine disaster when 53 people died on a boat crossing from Wellington to Lyttelton. We were taking the ferry the next day to the South Island, the weather was due to be calm.

Someone didn't agree with Wellington being a nuclear-free city

Someone didn’t agree with Wellington being a nuclear-free city

After the museum we headed over to the fan zone where the atmosphere was building slowly,  maybe due to the majority of the Welsh and Irish being in the pubs and not the fan zone. We watched the Midnight Youth play a few songs and just relaxed.

The fanzone in Wellington with the Midnight Youth playing

The fanzone in Wellington with the Midnight Youth playing

Later on a marching band starting to play and started a procession up to the stadium which  was located near to the ferry terminal on the harbor. We headed to a pub which was now getting a little less busy to watch the first half of the Wales Vs Ireland match. Wales got off to a flyer with Shane Williams scoring a try moments into the game. John celebrated, he tries to deny any Welsh heritage but both his grandparents were born and raised in Wales which makes him half Welsh. So he basically became a glory supporter for the afternoon.


However the bigger event was the England V France game up in Auckland. We left the Welsh game at half time to get back to Upper Hutt for the kick off. We went to a pub ( which was really geared up for the match, this included having a temporary stand in the pub so more people could fit it. We had to sit at the front near some South Africans who were very vocal about their support for France, well more like their dislike for the English.

We were pleased to hear that Wales had beaten Ireland, as they had been playing some great rugby so far. However England couldn’t replicate their fellow Brits and went down 12-19 to the French.

We headed back to the campsite and chatted to some dejected Irish, and some ecstatic Welsh! Good day out, and a good last day on the North Island.

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