Day 122 – Visiting the geysers at Te Puia

After a disturbed night’s sleep, we were up early and headed straight to Te Puia, a Maori Arts and Crafts Institute in Rotorua. Because the Rugby World Cup was sponsored by Mastercard, we were able to take advantage of a 10% discount on the entrance fee as we were paying with a Mastercard. We didn’t even realise until the lady behind the counter told us. Bonus!

The highlight of Te Puia are the geysers, basically erupting springs, and it was obvious that there were a few nearby as it was a bit pongwiffy! We gathered at the entrance for our tour of the site and the geysers. It was a relatively big group with around 20 of us. Our guide began with a brief history and some background of the thermal valley before taking us to several boiling mud pools, and finally to the main attraction – the geysers. They were pretty cool, making noises like a whale would, spouting out steam. Geysers generally occur in areas where volcanic activity is high and offers a way to relieve pressure on the Earth’s surface/crust.

Boiling mud pool

Boiling mud pool

Standing by the largest geyser at Te Pui

Standing by the largest geyser at Te Puia

The tour lasted around an hour and after snapping away for a good half hour or so after the tour finished, we headed off to Taupo. So back in our little Jucy campervan, we drove just an hour to get to our destination for lunchtime. We found a little spot to make our lunch and then walked around the little town, just chilling out, before finding a nearby DOC site to stay in for the night.


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