Day 121 – A stormy night in Rotorua

A relatively short drive from the Coromandel down to Rotorua. It was a really rainy day but we started the day with a little breakfast and making tea for the trip. The flask Lynda lent us was coming in great use.

We arrived in Rotorua and had a little walk around but it was a bit of a grey and miserable day. For lunch we bought pizza from Dominos. The pizza was a real bargain at around NZ$8 which is a lot cheaper than Dominos at home.

We then planned for the next day and looked into a place to camp for the night. We found a DOC site that wasn’t too far away from Rotorua as we would be returning there the next day to check out the famous geysers.

Dinner of pasta and veg in the evening made in the campervan

Dinner of pasta and veg in the evening made in the campervan

We parked up by a small lake in the DOC site and were unable to pay due to not having any slips or bags to place the money in. We made food, a lovely pasta dish with a mix of veg and got ready for bed to watch a film in our little Jucy van which had a screen and dvd player stuck to the roof!



During the film the rain really started to come down. We were the only vehicle in the campsite. If I had been on my own, I would have been so scared! In the middle of the night, the weather made a turn for the worse and there was thunder and lightning. We had been fast asleep until a really really loud thunder rocked our campervan and we both bolted upright!

Having parked right by the lake, we were scared that there would be so much rain that it would cause flooding and our little campervan would be swept away with us in it. With nothing else to do, we managed to fall back asleep.

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