Day 110 – Student protests and Mexican food in Chile

It’s our penultimate day in South America and we decided to continue exploring the area but with a view to do a little shopping.  With our flight to New Zealand tomorrow night, we were looking to buy some wine for John’s Auntie and Uncle who will be picking us up from Auckland airport. We walked from the hostel in the west of the city to the city centre, keeping an eye out for some shops to buy a few bottles. Checking our baggage allowance, we are able to get 6 bottles between us, 2 each in our luggage and then buy a further two in customs at the airport. We managed to purchase three bottles of red wine and a litre bottle of vodka. The vodka cost £3 though I doubt its the good stuff!! We’re expecting New Zealand to be substantially more expensive than South America so we’ve decided to stock upon alcohol!!

Our bags at this stage were swelling and with the hope of warmer weather in New Zealand, we may be able to ditch some of our winter clothing soon. However, checking the weather it was colder in New Zealand than it was in Santiago, and it wasn’t that hot in Santiago!

A quick afternoon break, we sat outside of a cafe for a drink!

A great view of a junction

A great view of a junction

Another local beer ticked off the list for John

Another local beer ticked off the list for John

We walked back from the centre and managed to come across the start of another student protest. During our time in Chile, there had been several huge protests regarding education which had resulted in schools shutting down, sit ins and no lessons. In the capital, there had been huge protests and fighting with the police which had led to the death of one 16 year old. As the groups were gathering we were not allowed to walk the direct route to the hostel and had to take a detour. It was strange to see people walking around with gas masks in preparation for the use of tear gas.

Back at the hostel we met a couple from Australia, Stuart and Lisa. The couple from Melbourne had just got married back home and now were on their honeymoon, backpacking for 3 months.

They were mixing time with hotels and hostels but were able to spend a similar amount in three months than they would spend on a super honeymoon destination. Lisa had travelled before but this was the first time that Stuart had been backpacking. He was loving it!

Highly enthusiastic about his adventures, he was really looking forward to Peru but he had to call his parents almost everyday to tell them that that he was safe and sound. Very cute!

We headed out with them for a beer and then for some food. We had a Mexican with huge piles of food to be placed into our wraps.

Mexican food in Chile, Beans, Pork, Chicken and lots of sauce

Mexican food in Chile, Beans, Pork, Chicken and lots of sauce

There was even a little Mexican (might have been Chilean) to sing us a song whilst we dined!

Feeling a little awkward...

Feeling a little awkward…

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