Day 11 – Preparing for the Inca Trail

We had to go to the Wayki Trek (the company which we booked our Inca Trail tour with) office today to be briefed about the trip. We booked the trip 3 months ago and decided to go with Wayki Trek as they were a small Peruvian company. There are a lot of companies to choose from but we liked the sound of a more intimate group with less people. Maximum size of a group is 8. We ended up paying $510.

We actually checked out of our hostel and moved to the Wayki Trek hostel which was basically their office as the price included one night’s stay at their hostel. It was pretty basic and I probably wouldn’t have stayed there if it hadn’t been for the convenience and the fact that it was free.

During the brief we met Freddy, our guide. He seemed friendly enough and showed us our route and the planned itinerary for Inca Trail. We found out that there would only be 2 other people in our group. Me and John also had to rent a sleeping bag off Wayki and because John has bad ankles, he decided to rent a pair of walking sticks. This set us back $45 – steep!

After our brief, we decided to visit some of the historical sites just outside Cusco. To get there, we had to get a local bus. We managed to find the bus station and with my broken Spanish, I managed to buy 3 tickets to get us to Sacsaywaman, an Incan site about 30 minutes away from the city centre. We explored the site and I got harassed by a lady selling baby alpaca jumpers. Stupid me stopped and let her put the jumper against my face so I could feel how soft it was. Ahhhh…I wanted it! But she wanted a ridiculous amount of money for it so John and Tom had to drag me away.


John and Tom posing at Sacsaywaman

From this site we could follow circuit two which would take us to three other historical sites, Q’enqo, Puka Pukara, Tambomachay. We managed to visit the latter two as we ended up getting lost trying to find Q’enqo. We somehow found ourselves wandering across empty fields with no idea which direction to go. We managed to find a couple of ladies working in the fields collecting grain who seemed to point in a general direction when we asked where a certain site was. We ended up heading back to the main road and walking to the other sites. There was a lot of walking inbetween the sites which I guess made great practice for the Inca Trail tomorrow! Nevertheless, it was a great day and I was looking forward to seeing many more Incan ruins on the Inca Trail.

In the evening, we packed our bags for the 4 day trip. I was only taking my day bag and I had trouble fitting everything in. In the end, John, being the nice boyfriend that he is, took most of the shared stuff, like the toiletry bag and the med kit though there were a few grumbles.

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