Day 108 – Back to Santiago and lunch at the local Hare Krishna house

Our time in Valparaiso has come to an end and we headed back to Santiago with our flight to New Zealand in a few days time.

We decided to jump on the local bus to take us to the main bus station in Valparaiso. Thankfully it was only a short trip from the hostel to the local bus stop and with our bus tickets booked in advance we didn’t have too much hassle at the bus station which was heaving with locals all heading back to Santiago after the weekend festivities.

Our second stay in Santiago and we decided to stay on the other side of the city in the Don Santiago Hostel. With energy levels still low, we kept it local and headed for a vegetarian meal at a Hare Krishna house which was on the same road. Super cheap and good for you, a salad and then vegi spaghetti bolognese.

We retired to the hotel that night for a small meal and some wine before hitting the sack.

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