Day 105 – Chilean street party

Eating that asado last night was a bit of a mistake. I’m back on the toilet…again. Uhhh….and to make matters worse we need to change hostels. With the Chilean Independence Day tomorrow, the whole of Chile is pretty much one big party. And the hostel we’re currently in is fully booked. After breakfast (well, after John had breakfast) we packed up and walked to our other hostel. It was about a 10 minute walk.

We had booked into a dorm at this new hostel but it appeared as though no-one else was in it. Bonus! I went straight to the room and tried to get some sleep. Having not eaten properly for a couple of days, I was exhausted from that tiny walk. Plus I was still running to the toilet every half hour or so. John went out to walk around and get some food and I tried to have a nap.

In the evening, the hostel owners made a communal BBQ (though we had to pay) and then headed to a street party to celebrate the independence day. I didn’t have any food but decided that it would be a shame to miss out on the celebrations so we went to the street party with everyone. We had also been invited back to an asado at Felipe’s hostel but we decided to socialise with people at our new hostel.

The street party was literally one street long and about a 15 minute walk from where we were staying. There was bunting above the street and people had opened their houses and were selling various foods and drinks. This, coupled with Latino music and dancing, made for a very celebratory atmosphere though it wasn’t as busy as we had hoped.

Street party

Street party

John was still hungry so he bought some kind of meat kebab from a stall. We sat along the edge of the street drinking and chatting, watching the locals move their hips. Then one lady dancing (very drunkedly) came over and grabbed the guy that we were talking to and started Latino dancing with him. He was actually quite good considering he admitted afterwards he had no idea what he was doing. We then found out that the lady who had grabbed him was some famous woman who was in a Chilean soap star.


After about 45 minutes or so I decided I’d had enough and was ready to head back. I was tired and I needed the toilet again. What a lightweight!

No-one else had checked into the hostel so tonight we had the dorm all to ourselves! Love it when that happens. We both went straight to sleep but in the middle of the night, John had to get up to throw up – the meat kebab perhaps?!

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