Day 1 – Arriving in Lima

The day started early with a taxi ride from Gemma’s house to Heathrow. We were up around 4.30am and the taxi was due to pick us up around 5am. It went past 5 and still no taxi. John got a little panicky and called the taxi company who ended up sending out another taxi but as soon as we put the phone down our taxi arrived. A quick 10 minute journey and we’re at Heathrow. During check-in there was some concern that we didn’t have a flight booked out of Peru but they let this pass in the end…first challenge over. Once we had checked in, we spent the last of our Sterling on chocolate and boarded the plane to Madrid.

The plane from Spain

The plane was delayed slightly but we managed to catch our transfer to Peru. We flew with Iberia. It wasn’t the best for long haul but guess we can’t complain given the price we paid for our RTW flight.


We arrived late in the evening and the airport was packed. We later found out that it was due to the elections as people from around Peru were returning to the capital. Apparently if they don’t vote, they get fined. We checked into our first hostel, Parawani and took a quick walk to find a bite to eat before hitting the sack. Only John ate as I wasn’t hungry.

In the hostel Parawani

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